For me, storytelling is at the heart of everything. Be it writing copy or working out digital strategy, it all hinges on helping the client tell their story in a resonant fashion.

My story began in London. I was born there and then grew up in Kuala Lumpur. I returned to the UK to attend university in Bristol. I subsequently settled in London where I wrote a series of screenplays for indie film, including the award winning time-travel short Vincent and transmedia experiences such as Timedancer and Zombies Ate My City which were feature apps for Microsoft and Nokia on the Windows Phone platform.

I have spent time writing with Chaos Created in the UK, Blacklight Transmedia in Los Angeles as well as Fountainhead Transmedia and Campfire in New York. My first collection of short stories is about to be published in the coming months. I currently wander the streets of New York City ferreting out new tales to tell..